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October 2013

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East African Summer – Kenya

October 27, 2013

Ryan and I had intended to make the pilgrimage to Iten, Kenya last February, however, Ryan’s torn quad thwarted our plans. Fortunately this time we both made it, meeting up in the Nairobi airport and seeing each other for the first time in 4 weeks. Our first day in Kenya we headed out to Wesley Korir’s home outside of Kitale to visit the hospital built by The Hall Steps Foundation. When we pulled up at the hospital, it seemed like…

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Ryan and Sara visit the Steps Kenya hospital

October 23, 2013

As soon as Ryan and Sara set foot on Kenyan soil they headed out to the Kitale region of the Rift Valley to see firsthand the hospital supported by many of you!  They were greeted by over 200 villagers gathered singing songs of welcome and thanks to them for bringing the hospital to their village. Ryan and Sara greeted the villagers and made sure to tell them that it was not just the Halls, but there was a group of runners…

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