Surviving Cross Training when Injured

This was me… Ryan and I had the chance to go dog-sledding in Norway, something I greatly anticipated because I knew, as a husky owner and an athlete, I’d appreciate it even more. When we were getting ready to start sledding, the dogs hooked…

January 2, 2019
ryan hall

Continuing the Journey

When I retired from professional running 2 1/2 years ago I thought that was the end of my journey of pursuing big, dreamer-size goals in running. There were a lot of dreams I had for my running, some of which I was able to…

April 13, 2018
sara hall

Strength Training Your Way To Faster PRs

I’ll admit it: Strength training is my least favorite part of what I do. A lot of people ask me, “How do you motivate yourself to train when you just don’t want to run?” Truth is, I don’t struggle in most aspects of my…

February 12, 2018
ryan hall

How I Helped a Magazine Editor Train For Her First Marathon

I love helping people take on the challenge of tackling their first marathon. This past season, I had the privilege of helping Kim Peiffer, an editor at InStyle magazine, prepare for her first marathon. Kim was already doing some running and living a healthy…

November 17, 2017
sara hall

How Running Partners Gave My Training a Boost

Though running at its core is an individual sport, ever since I began running I have thrived and benefited from having running partners. I consider myself a “social exerciser.” I would much rather be running in a group, sweating it out alongside other people,…

August 11, 2017